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Clan MacDougall book - short history Kerrera - Mirror of History
This fifty page book by Michael Starforth is an official short history of the Clan MacDougall from its origins to present day.

“nothing can be more wildly beautiful then the situation of Dunollie” Sir Walter Scott, 1815

For over a thousand years the rocky promontory of Old Red Sandstone conglomerate at Dunollie has been a strategic defensive site guarding the north entrance of Oban bay. It had been the capital of Dalriada, and the ruins of the old ramparts were still in place when the new Clan MacDougall first arrived here. With its commanding view of the sea in every direction, Dunollie was the perfect site for the MacDougalls to build their castle. Read the stories of the people who inhabited the castle, and see how this significant ancient monument has changed over time. Discover how today the conservation of Dunollie Castle is important as a valuable historical resource, and how it can be used to inspire future generations.

Published by Dunollie Projects Ltd in 2016, this 27 page book is a bestseller at Dunollie Museum, Castle & Grounds. Monies raised from the sale of this book will be used to fund further conservation projects at Dunollie.

The island of Kerrera has been owned by the MacDougall family since the thirteenth century and is inextricably linked to the neighbouring communities.  In this book Hope MacDougall tells the story of this little known island and how, through political events and changes in farming methods, it has evolved over time.
Highland Postbag
Highland Postbag
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The Correspondence of Four MacDougall Chiefs - 1715 -1865

The author, JEAN MACDOUGALL (1910-1999), a daughter of Col. A.J.MAcDougall, 29th Chief of Clan MacDougall, was married to Dr. Stephen Hadfield and had two daughters.

The surviving correspondence of four MacDougall chiefs provides an authentic record of the concerns and vissitudes of the family during a time of major change in the way of life in the Highlands, and of the impact of local, national and international events upon it. This book deals not only with the heads of the family, but also with their wives and daughters who feature prominently in the corresondence, giving an insight into the domestic arrangements and social conditions of the time.